Play At The Very best Keno Casino Web sites In 2021

Play At The Ideal Keno Casino Internet sites In 2021

Keno is a classic gambling game that is been about for 100s of years. Originally, the Chinese invented the game, but after travels, modern variations followed the French/Latin word Keno utilised for the game by many countries.

Its popularity boomed when it was introduced in America by Chinese migrants in the 1800s. Keno games are typically played in land-primarily based casinos, or via local lotteries and licensed/state-run shops, with millions of players participating around the world.

These days, the game of Keno continues to develop, with many of the world’s top casino software providers supplying entertaining, honest &amp exciting variations of on-line keno to play. These games are offered on Pc and mobile, generating the excitement even higher. In this post, we take a peek into the game of keno, how it’s played, and find the best keno casinos in 2021.

What Is Keno?

Keno is a gambling game that’s quite similar to a lottery. Clients purchase a sheet of paper/ticket, that generally has 80 numbers on it. Generally games are played in numbers of 1-10, 15, or 20. Players can choose to pick diverse amounts of numbers on the sheet. At the start of the game, you can select how significantly you wish to wager on every game.

If the numbers are revealed and the player has hit lots, then they will receive greater payouts, compared to a player that only hit a handful of numbers.

The attendant will draw 20 numbers out of a total of 80. This game is very similar in style to Bingo and Lottery, in which the customers choose numbers prior to the event taking place. These games supply an thrilling style of play, with the possibility of massive payouts more than 50,000x for fortunate gamblers.

The payouts of Keno games can differ based drastically based on how numerous numbers you choose. If you choose much more numbers, and you hit lots of them, then the payouts will boost significantly. Under we appear at some standard outcomes in a keno game and what the usual payouts would be.

Keno Payout Examples

  • Choose 1 Number, Match 1 Quantity: Odds 1-four – Payout: 3x
  • Choose 2 Numbers, Match 2 Numbers: Odds 1-17 – Payout: 10x
  • Choose 3 Numbers, Match three Numbers: Odds 1-73 – Payout: 25x
  • Choose 4 Numbers, Match 4 Numbers: Odds 1-327 – Payout: 50x
  • Choose five Numbers, Match 5 Numbers: Odds 1-1551 – Payout: 500x
  • Pick 6 Numbers, Match 6 Numbers: Odds 1-7753 – Payout: 1500x
  • Pick 7 Numbers, Match 7 Numbers: Odds 1-40980 – Payout: 5000x

Offline Keno vs On the internet Keno

The primary difference in between offline &amp on the internet keno casinos is the way the game is played. In classic keno games, you acquire a physical card you can mark the numbers on.

In on the internet keno games, the entire occasion takes spot virtually and requires using a Random Quantity Generator (RNG) system to establish appropriate outcomes when the numbers are named. The only exclusion is the Reside Keno by Ezugi, which delivers the ideal offline/online combo.

One of the main rewards of online keno is the potential to play from wherever you please. In some nations, state-run lottery services handle the game with an iron fist, and you may want to travel lengthy distances &amp visit local centres to play.

In this day and age, mobile technology is impressive, and the greatest on the internet keno games are developed using HTML5, mobile-friendly and waiting to be played.

An additional key benefit of on-line keno is the betting interface. On most games, you simply select how considerably you wish to spend for each game, with websites providing bet sizes from $1-$1000 per game. All information is clearly visible, with your bought tickets, previous outcomes, statistics and other handy information to help you pick your fortunate Keno numbers.

Most Well-liked Online Keno Games

Most men and women will have heard of the normal keno game over the years, with the games’ powerful presence in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. In 2021 there are some new and thrilling keno games to take pleasure in at the top online casinos. We’ve looked at 3 of the most well-known games you can play right now.

Reside Keno

Ezugi is a leading live dealer casino game provider. They provide professional dealers, HD live streams, and an genuine on-line casino knowledge. Reside Keno by Ezugi was released in 2016 and requires players from their houses straight to the live casino floor in Latvia.

Lovely ladies take centre stage, and a clear glass bowl includes the 80 keno balls. Players can obtain digital cards and spot bets ahead of the numbers are drawn in true-time.

The gameplay designed by Ezugi is like watching the live lottery on the Television, globe-class entertainment direct to your mobile. Super high payouts up to 30,000x await keno players fortunate sufficient to pick 8/eight appropriate numbers.

Keno Pop

KenoPop is a leading lotto-style game from 1×2 Gaming. It was released in 2016 and has grow to be a well-liked function on several top casino web sites. The game has an average RTP (Return-to-Player) of 92.84%, which isn’t as well poor in this game sector. This style of game has 80 balls, and players can select between 1 – 15 numbers.

Bet sizes are superb for recreational players with small stakes starting at $.1 and higher stakes players can bet $20 per game. The betting buttons are prominent and straightforward to use.

It also attributes a handy paytable on the right that shows the payouts for hitting 3 – 15 numbers. The maximum you can win on Keno Pop is 10,000x the stake, which can be accomplished by guessing 12, 13, 14, or 15 numbers properly.

Super Keno

Super Keno is a massively common gambling game developed by KA Gaming in 2017. Several online casinos are proud to consist of this keno game in their collection, and players have a blast on it. With an RTP of 95%, this game is on par with slots and other casino games and gives some considerable value.

Super Keno offers games of 1-10 numbers, with 20 balls drawn from 80. Whilst it’s missing the 15 &amp 20 quantity games, it tends to make up for it with a clean layout and awesome betting ranges. This game is perfect for high rollers, with the ability to bet $2000 per game for the ideal high stakes action.

Super Keno functions some impressive payouts, with the best prize accomplished by hitting ten/ten numbers, leaving lucky players strolling away one hundred,000x richer!

Best Keno Casinos in 2021


Rolletto casino is a wonderful decision if you are hunting for diverse keno games to play in 2021. In total, the internet site has 15 titles to win cash on. Well-known studios offer games including 1×2 Gaming, EGT, EvoPlay, Microgaming, PariPlay, and Play’n Go. Their games can be played at a variety of stakes and are appropriate for all players.

You can play the following games at Rolletto casino, Lucky Keno, Keno Neo, World Cup Keno, Classic Keno, Super Keno, Captain Keno, Powerball Keno, Xmas KenoCat, Burning Keno, Tutan Keno, Firefly Keno, Keno Pop and tree variations of the common keno game.


Slotum Casino is a well-liked decision for slots fans. Dama N.V. owns it and was established in 2018.&nbsp They function 2500+ slots, table &amp live casino games. We checked them out and identified they also boast an amazing collection of ten keno games.

Slotum lets you place bets on Book Of Keno, Xmas Keno Cat, Firefly Keno, Keno 80, Keno Pop, Lucky Keno, Tutan Keno, and Keno Universe. If you like big welcome bargains, then Slotum is the perfect spot to start with many exclusive bonuses for higher rollers.


Roku is a relatively new gaming site’s mainly focused on slots and great bonus promotions. Even so, when you search for keno games, you can locate an attractive option of titles to win money on. In total, they provide seven keno games in 2021. These contain Keno Kick Off, Keno Pop, Keno, Kenotronic, Keno Lab, Tutan Keno, and Firefly Keno.

Cocos Casino

Cocos Casino is a brand-new all-around betting &amp gaming site. Players can enjoy enormous bonuses, the latest casino games, eSports, sports betting &amp significantly much more. The website went live in 2021 and has been off to a flying commence.

We were pleased to uncover that Cocos Casino also appreciated a high quality line of keno games. At this internet site, you can spot your bets and win money on Keno Pop, Firefly Keno, Tutan Keno by 1×2 Gaming. Live Keno by Ezugi.

National Casino

National Casino is a high-high quality on-line casino launched in 2020. It is grown to grow to be a global player, serving players in many countries worldwide.

Their powered by SoftSwiss and offer safe banking &amp crypto payments, enjoyable bonuses, 1000s of slots, spectacular live dealer action, and a few fascinating keno games. Presently, at National, you can play Keno by Atmosfera, Kiron &amp Scribe, and 80Keno by GoldenRace.

Do Other Casinos Have Keno Games?

There are some astounding on the internet casinos with an outstanding quantity of slots, tables &amp live games. Not all websites will have keno titles, but we’ve searched by means of the greatest ones to locate who gives the ideal lotto-style games for players to appreciate.

Web sites like 7Bit, Casino Rocket, KatsuBet, MegaSlots, Spin Samurai and Woo Casino, all supply two or three games of keno. On these websites, you can locate the most popular keno titles, like SuperKeno by KA Gaming, and variations from Atmosfera and Scribe.


Keno is a unique style of casino game and is separate from the fast-paced globe of slots. It supplies a rewarding style of gameplay for those prepared to venture &amp test out keno games.

We located some impressive internet sites like Rolletto, Slotum and Roku, that offer a fantastic option of Keno games, with diverse variations such as Reside Keno!

Players can appreciate these exciting games in several countries thanks to the global attain of these brands. If you are looking for a new kind of casino game, we think you will have a blast playing on-line keno in 2021.

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