Does anyone else divide RC by the play index, rather than decks remaining?

Does anybody else divide RC by the play index, rather than decks remaining?

I also play halves, but not doubled. Everyone’s brain is wired differently. If that performs for you – why not.

Further thoughts. I believe too numerous people feel of an index as absolute. It is not – it is variable and in motion. Instance – you are playing halves six deck game dealer ace up. Insurance index is TC 3.four. Your exactitude has determined that TC is three.three. Do you take insurance coverage with 19 or 20. What about tough 16.

If yes to insurance coverage at 19 or 2. at TC 3.three, what about insurance coverage at 2.5 or 2., and for that matter, the exact same TC’s with a crappy hand. Maybe a variance minimizing play justifies insurance coverage, but to what point do you go to. I play it that way with very good hands at TC 2.

Now, having stated that – indexes are there for a purpose. They will enhance your game. Even so, additional information trumps (is that political) index play. Maybe you saw that the next card was a face. You now insure your crappy -3 16 – or do you? Your bet right here is minimum so just hit, take the face and shed your minimum bet – who cares. Why bring attention to oneself.

Now, consider about what you are saying and the query now becomes – are you robotic to the count – sounds like it.
If you want to look like an inconsistent deck estimator, and that must be your objective (you can’t hide counting), throw in some opposition betting, attempt to deviate your play by using extra info such as that supplied by the regaled FBM ASC Sophisticated.

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