Fluff – Rec Keeps Screwing Me

Fluff – Rec Keeps Screwing Me

Random story if you got an itch.

So at a single point, I am down A LOT of units, and I’ve been reloading, digging into the wallet hand after hand right after hand. At some point following blasting via back the deck and losing a ton of cash, the count goes to , so I do not want to continue and figured this was the ideal chance to “wong out, wong in” be like “lemme see how he does and decide” kind deal as I pretend to fish for much more money. I wait two rounds, where the guy plays the dealer heads up, and the count soars. I strategy on coming back in, with two hands of max bets.

I convert the bills into chips, push them all out, and then the rec sees this and screams “IF HES Entering, WE Need TO RESHUFFLE”. I actually go FML, you cannot be significant rn. Soon after I’m buried. You gonna do this… (in my head). The pitboss says no, you have completed this currently earlier to the rec (which was accurate, but not by him), and he goes, “HE SAT OUT Three HANDS, COMES IN NOW. WE RESHUFFLE” PB full on stares at my side of the table (or me), figuring out what is going on. PB then SHUFFLES THE DECK AT HIS REQUEST.

He then proceeds to lecture me about altering the cards, the order, almost everything, and how I may possibly make it worse. I dont consider I responded considerably, but out of tilt and furstration, I say, it doesnt even fcking matter. To which he responds, yes it does. (finish of convo)

Ahead of I end my session down ~300 units, I get the dealer to make a mistake although I have a 50-75% max bet out there. With PB named more than to confirm providing us the freeroll to play or not to play PB SAYS SHUFFLE THE CARDS rather. WHAT? WAIT WHAT? Everyone starts pulling their cards back, and I go, “HEY I HAVE AN ACE, I dont want to shuffle”. PB appears at me, hmmm. Do you want to play? I respond OFC. PB watches me get a BJ.

Rec goes, this guy jumps back and forth. Dealer confirms I was betting min 1 circle just earlier to PB. Now he’s betting 2x hands. Sometime later. I finally bust out, I figured my time is up, even if I chased, I could not grab back sufficient to be positive, so that is that. The minute I give up, he walks also.

To finish off my story, I drive residence. Pretty numb to it all (poker pro complete life), just consuming and getting quiet (nonetheless a bit sad though). My companion goes, every single time you shed, you lose so much. Everytime you win, you win so small. She tells me to stick to poker. The irony is when I’m playing high stakes PLO6 on the internet, she forgets about the instances when I come to bed at 4am, down $60-80,000 in a single night (investor income mainly).

I believe her saying that to me, triggered me, if something. Like that makes me not capable to breathe. She has spent significantly less than two hours in a casino gaming floor fwiw.

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