Translating playing efficiency into W/L/P

Translating playing efficiency into W/L/P

Hi Norm, Don and Gronbog. I have significantly respect for you guys and I am properly aware of the reality that not doubling down might improve W/L/P but far from me the notion of taking away EV, on the contrary. The concept is to add EV with optimal card play to whatever count one particular is utilizing.

Here’s what we know about blackjack. Humans can bet perfectly like a computer, can play insurance completely like a personal computer but cannot play their cards completely like a computer. So how efficient can one be at playing his cards in terms of W/L/P? What is the upper limit? What do you guys know about W/L/P of the prime systems?

To my information, Gronbog has run the most complicated simulations ever with the three different Tarzan counts and I tought he knew that his W/L/P was (but Gronbog you also say you do not know W/L/P). If Gronbog knows Tarzan W/L/Ps I understand it is confidential information that belongs to Tarzan to reveal it or not but the revealed T-counts SCORES did beat Hi-Opt II mainly because of card play and not because betting.

And I suspect that Tarzan is even much better at the tables than his SCORES indicate because of simulation programming limitations. He most likely is the human who did take solo blackjack to its top level.

To me there is not such a thing as a modest improvement. You increase or you don’t.

I was hoping you could give us an answer as to what is the optimal W/L/P that you have observed in sims and what was the count utilized.

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