Sidebet Variance

Sidebet Variance


I’ve logged 52.5 hours of LL (fortunate lucky 678), this particular casino has a quite unique and strange spend structure. With that being stated, my actual EV must be a bit greater than the sim since I did not account for table-max-bets which I would put in from time to time.

Even when I practice on CVBJ, I really feel like all I do is lose like $300-500/hour. When I was functioning with a partner, sharing four-5 betting spots, and just possessing the primary game as well, it felt way smoother than this (clearly due to the fact our EV was significantly greater). Flat betting main (losing) and hoping to bink with LL feels quite rough. I am beginning to doubt if this sort of variance is worth the winrate, when I could just play DD and crush with a more quickly N0.

I’ve turned a winning 2 months playing DD six-1 spread into a heavily losing month with pure fortunate-fortunate flat betting primary method!!

Every time, I just get suited 67 and keep missing the eight. Day soon after day, right after day.

Presently almost down 80 max-bet-units of LL straight in the 52.five hours. Am I supposed to just keep swinging downwards, till I bink the suited 678 for like $5-10K?

Ought to I anticipate to not be shocked that I could maintain losing like one more 200-300 hours, cus we’re nonetheless so far from reaching N0?

Thoughts on the predicament?

In case a person questioning why I’m performing this – heat causes. I can place in like 5-6 hours of this game at this casino. So if I could truly realize $600/day worth of EV, that’d be fantastic.

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